How does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture is a therapy that utilizes natural laws and energetics with the application of needles and pressure to specific “points” on the body. These points are grouped along specific pathways, also known as meridians, that cross the body. As long as the energy flows freely through these pathways, health is maintained. When the flow of energy is either absent, deficient, interrupted, excessive or blocked in an area, health is disrupted, resulting in illness or pain. By stimulating appropriate acupuncture points along these pathways, the energy is released and regulated, and health is restored.
Studies indicate that acupuncture influences the central and peripheral nervous systems. Evidence shows a release of endorphins from the brain which make acupuncture particularly effective in pain control. Acupuncture affects sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in the blood, the functioning of the gastrointestinal system and the activity of the endocrine system and works with the body, harmonizing and balancing energy. It improves circulation and allows the body to heal itself more quickly and more completely.