Community style acupuncture


Community style acupuncture is provided in an open space with others that are relaxing during their treatments. The group setting not only combines the healing energy from those being treated around you, but also allows for more affordable and frequent treatments. 


You are treated sitting in a reclining chair or on a yoga mat on the floor rather than on a treatment table.

Acupuncture points on the scalp, ears, below the elbows and knees are used to treat the entire body, so there is no need to undress. Loose clothing should be worn so that sleeves can be rolled up above the elbows and pant legs rolled up comfortably above the knee. Due to the nature of this style of clinic we will not be able to directly needle into the back, upper thigh, groin, most of the neck and shoulder, if you require direct treatment of these areas please book a private treatment.


Community acupuncture can be very effective in managing symptoms of smoking cessation, pain, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, digestive and menstrual disorders and so much more.


The goal for providing this style of acupuncture is to reach those in the community that will benefit from acupuncture physically and mentally but would otherwise not try or seek acupuncture treatments because of cost.